Slow food: Pecorino of Pienza made with passion

Tuesday October 13th, 2015 Mangiare bene a Siena  No comments

In our previous article we spoke about the importance of short supply chain and small local producers to rediscover the pleasure of slow food.

Last Sunday we went to meet one producer, it was really a pleasant day!

We arrived at the Sodelli’s farm in Radicofani – Siena in the morning. Giulia, a young girl of 25 years, welcomed us in her family’s farm. Together with his father, his sister and her mother, she works in the farm: a wonderful green oasis where it’s possible to breathe the real scent of the countryside. The first thing Giulia transmitted is the passion for her job. Every morning at 4:30 she starts to work for bringing on your tables authentic products with a unique taste.


You may wonder why a unique taste? Let’s start by saying that their 500 sheeps, half French, half sardinian...

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Is it possible to enjoy the real tuscan cuisine?

Thursday October 1st, 2015 Mangiare bene a Siena  No comments

We begin to write this article issuing a challenge, is it still possible to enjoy the old flavors of Tuscan cuisine? We believe that the answer lies in these few words: short supply chain and small local producers and we are going to explain the reason.

Our Tuscan cuisine has always been full of flavors but now they seem to be forgotten, but it would be enough to get them back on our tables, do you want to know what is the first ingredient? Authenticity of the products!

Here comes the short chain with all its advantages.

Km 0 products: we know where they come from, how they were produced and we have direct contact with the producer, all this guarantees us freshness and goodness.

It reduces the journey that a food will have to do before getting to our house or on the table of our favorite r...

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