About us

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We are Tamara and Emanuele Pacini, who after years of experience, we realized that we had something more to offer: our origins, our culture to eat, savor and share with others.
We express this concept through the work done with passion and simplicity, characters of our family and also of our beloved grandfather Mario, a simple, humble man, a great worker, a life strategist and a poet-bearer who sowed, constructed, collected victories and defeats through the difficulties He managed to keep the healthy body and mind alive and nourished. So Mario also known as Prétto, he handed us down that in life you should build and not destroy or exploit, thus leaving everyone’s life better!

We have been able to honor the philosophy of Prètto with the help of local craftsmen who maintain this principle of growth of common value and a better world by achieving unique quality products respecting the rules of nature.

Find and contact us
  • Via dei Termini, 4 Siena SI
  • 0577 289089
  • info@prettoprosciutteria.it